Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hypermiling with Bakari Kafele

This guy is amazing the level commitment he goes to using less fuel. Personally I would buy a different car. Anyway always inspired everytime I watch this:

I would tell him my car does like 50 mpg without even trying. Love the idea of his business. Shame he doesn't have a family to support because then it would be more relevant to myself.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link!

    I don't buy a smaller truck because I max this one out regularly, with entire apartments worth of furniture or up to 3 tons of soil or concrete.
    I don't buy a newer truck because newer vehicles are not any more efficient than older ones, (they are just more powerful), and because my truck cost all of $2 grand.

    I assume you never need to move 5 cubic yards of material in your car. If all I am transporting is myself, I never use the truck. I use my infinity miles per gallon bicycle.
    The few times that isn't enough, I use my 60-75 mpg motorcycle (mentioned in a different video).

    If you want to see someone living frugally while supporting a family, check out Mr Money Mustache. He lives SO frugally that (unlike me) he was able to retire by age 35. I look at him the way a lot of people look at me after this video