Monday, 17 September 2012

How much are houses

Last night I managed to get my better half to look at some houses with me on rightmove. It did go well. First of all I put in our town name within a 10 mile radius along with our budget.

She systematically said nope, nope, nope, definitely not and nope. "I don't want next door neighbors on top of me."

So what she was basically saying was she wanted a detached house. So I quickly updated the results.

Not good.

So as last last failed attempt I widen the area using their draw your own map feature missing out the areas we didn't want to live. Whilst applying these settings it came back with only 6 properties within budget. 2 of which she had already dismissed and the other four were building plots and we would not only have to build a house we would have to spend more on top just to buy the materials.

In the end she settled on browsing through houses she couldn't afford. Oh well we shall see.   

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